Transdev taskforce makes buses safer in Australia

Transdev John Holland Bus

Transdev Australia has decreased its number of major and minor bus collisions, after forming a special taskforce to make bus travel safer for both customers and staff.

This innovative taskforce has improved safety, collisions where Transdev is at fault have decreased by 27% overall since July 2023 to February 2024.

Transdev’s Bus Collision Taskforce Chair and Transdev’s West Australian Bus Managing Director Bob Parton said the encouraging results were from sustained efforts.

For January, compared to the Sept-Dec average, Transdev’s low grade collisions reduced by 27%, serious collisions reduced by 67% and in depot collisions were down by 42%.

Those results were made possible through an innovative and comprehensive data-driven strategy, including high-collision-rate route risk assessment.

Transdev remains in a continuous process of updating training initiatives for our drivers. A mandatory spotter policy introduced for depots also contributed to reduced collision numbers.

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