Transdev renews partnership in Barcelona to guarantee public transit for the homeless


The partnership between Transdev’s subsidiary TRAM and Moventia has helped more than 2,200 people over the last five years. During 2021, both operators’ contributions have also been used to finance a line of rent subsidies for vulnerable families to prevent them from becoming homeless.

TRAM and Moventia have renewed their support for the mobility access project aimed at homeless people cared for by Sant Joan de Déu Social Services – Barcelona. This collaboration, which is part of the initiatives that both companies carry out as socially responsible companies, involves an annual contribution of €60,000 to facilitate access to public transit for the people assisted by the organization’s various social programs.

The aim of the project is to provide free access to public transit in the city of Barcelona and the surrounding area for homeless people in the different direct care programs run by Sant Joan de Déu Social Services – Barcelona, so that they can attend their training activities, work or job search, medical visits, to recover the network of social and family relationships, to carry out activities to reinforce socialization (such as leisure and cultural activities) and any other type of management and activity coordinated with Sant Joan de Déu’s staff to help them regain control of their lives.

Mobility is one of the key and indispensable elements in combating social exclusion and the program set up by Sant Joan de Déu and supported by TRAM and Moventia helps to reduce this inequality that many people suffer, by making it easier for them to travel by public transit. In this sense, since its foundation, TRAM has adopted a clear commitment to people, beyond its employees, users and customers. In line with SDG 17, ‘Partnerships to achieve goals’, Moventia and TRAM develop their own programs and collaborate, as on this occasion, with non-profit organizations and foundations, to promote a better society and contribute to improving the quality of life of the most vulnerable groups.

The funding received has already had an impact on more than 2,200 people over the 5 years that the partnership has been in existence, including men and women between the ages of 18 and 65, assisted by Sant Joan de Déu Social Services – Barcelona through the programs it runs in the city. In addition, and in response to the situation arising from COVID-19, some of the 2021 contribution has been earmarked for a rent subsidy scheme for vulnerable families, to prevent them from finding themselves in a situation of homelessness.

Public transit – an inclusion tool

TRAM’s General Director, Humberto López Vilalta; the Corporate Vice President of Moventia, Sílvia Martí; the Director of Sant Joan de Déu Social Services – Barcelona, Salvador Maneu; and the Director of Obra Social Sant Joan de Déu, Oriol Bota, took part in the renewal of the alliance.

During the conversation, it was made clear that public transit is an essential tool for citizens to carry out everyday activities such as studying, working or maintaining their social network, and especially for people in a situation of homelessness who need access to various public resources distributed throughout the city of Barcelona and its metropolitan area. In addition, access to transportation allows them to enjoy complementary activities that have a direct impact on their recovery by strengthening their social and community links.

The meeting was also an opportunity for representatives of both companies to visit the new dental clinic for homeless people, jointly run by SJD Social Services Barcelona and the Sant Joan de Déu Hospital, Barcelona, and financed by Barcelona City Council andSant Joan de Déu Barcelona’s own funds.

About Sant Joan de Déu

Sant Joan de Déu Social Services Barcelona, an organization that was founded 42 years ago, seeks to provide comprehensive care and support to homeless people to promote opportunities for personal and social development so that they can continue with their own life projects, and is a reference point in the city of Barcelona within this context. This organization cares for more than 500 people every year in Barcelona, which represents 17% of the total number of homeless people in the city, according to the latest XAPSLL (Network of Care for the Homeless) Diagnostic Report.

The Obra Social Sant Joan de Déu strives for social improvement and places solidarity at the center of people’s lives through the solidarity projects run by the Sant Joan de Déu centers. In addition, part of its commitment is to raise awareness in society of realities that are often not very visible and to provide administrative support to the centers in terms of attracting donations.

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