COVID-19: Transdev in greater Paris partner with emergency medical services for mobile hospital unit


In November, Transdev in greater Paris and the local emergency medical service teams, known as SAMU92, presented a Mobile Hospital Unit bus o Marie-Emmanuelle Assidon, Prefect Secretary General of the Paris Defense and Security Zone.

Initiated by the emergency medical services team from the Raymond Poincaré hospital and in partnership with Transdev in greater Paris, this project has enabled the transfer of patients with COVID-19, during Operation Chardon in April 2020.

The Transdev tourist coach has been completely redeveloped into a Mobile Hospital Unit, in order to accommodate up to six patients, medical teams and the equipment needed to assist people in artificial coma. The device allows the emergency medical service teams to mobilize less staff than for an individual ambulance. Transported by the Mobile Hospital Unit bus to the Austerlitz station in Paris, the patients could then be evacuated by high speed train to the Bordeaux University Hospital.

Following the conclusive results, Transdev in greater Paris and the SAMU92 are now working on a project to continue with the Mobile Hospital Unit bus, which could be used for other types of interventions, such as natural disasters, fires and other serious events. Ultimately, the objective would be to deploy the vehicle throughout the country, in coordination with the Emergency Medical Service and local Transdev teams.

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