Transdev at the heart of COVID-19 patient transfers for « Operation Chardon » in France


As part of the “Operation Chardon”, Transdev teams carried out the transfer of COVID-19 patients in serious condition from the Corbeil-Essonnes (south of Paris) hospital to the Paris Austerlitz train station on April 10. This operation has been rigorously prepared with the SAMU 92 and the SAMU* from the Garches hospital, west of Paris.

The patients were then taken care of by the SNCF rail operator in a TGV train to Bordeaux. This operation coordinated by the Fleet Director and the Director of BtoB activities required a great reactivity of the Transdev teams and a rigorous preparation in coordination with the teams of the SAMU 92 and the SAMU of the Garches hospital.

For this unprecedented operation, a tourist coach was completely refitted to accommodate up to six patients in berths, the medical teams and the necessary equipment to assist patients in artificial coma.

A driver from the Transdev Montesson-la-Boucle network, accompanied by the network director, first went to scout out the transfer and decide how to get to Austerlitz station as close as possible to the TGV platform. Thanks to the precision of the driver’s maneuver, the operation was possible, and the transfer could be carried out.

From 3.30 am on Friday morning, the transfer was able to start by firstly picking up the medical team from the SAMU 92 and the Garches hospital, then four patients from the Corbeil-Essonnes hospital, to take them to the Paris Austerlitz train station.

Paris Police Prefect, Didier Lallement, who was present on site, was able to congratulate the SAMU and Transdev teams for their solidarity in this time of crisis.

All health precautions were taken to ensure that the driver and the director of Transdev-la-Boucle, accompanying him for the transfer, were isolated in a clean area, totally sealed off thanks to the installation of films protecting the driver’s cabin and the first row of seats.

The bus was then disinfected by the emergency medical services.

Transdev would like to thank all of the teams who contributed to this operation with reactivity and professionalism.

*SAMU: Emergency Medical Services in France

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