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With 25 million inhabitants, Seoul is the world’s second largest metropolitan area. It has been a pioneer in developing technically advanced public transportation infrastructures, information technology and digital solutions. In South-Korea, customer service is not only a promise but a tangible reality at the very heart of the Korean culture.

Transdev, the first private operator in South-Korea, operates Seoul Line 9 (SL9), the latest line of Seoul’s metro system. With an average ridership of 400,000 passengers a day and 109.6 million trips in 2011, SL9 is the one of our biggest operations around the globe. Only three years after its launch, SL9 is already’setting the standard’ in one of the most customer and technology oriented countries worldwide.

Since July 2009, SL9 has rolled-out and leveraged a selection of Transdev’s exclusive customer service programs to deliver performance from a passenger-centric perspective and drive continuous improvement.

The "Listen" program

SL9 implemented Transdev’s customer feedback management, in order to provide faster, more accurate answers to customers and turn feedback into improvement. It has allowed the network to resolve 32,000 enquiries a year in less than one calendar day.

The "contact" program

SL9’s dedicated customer contact centre was established, using Transdev methodology to ensure quality of service, cost optimization and economic performance. Four full-time agents take 30,000 calls a year, handle complaints and lost & found and update the SL9 website. Passengers satisfied or very satisfied with the information they receive has reached 92%.

The "Going for Care" program

In 2009, prior to its opening, SL9 chose our first generation program – Going for Green – to help align business goals and internal processes around customer service. All frontline staff and managers have gone through the program. 98% of staff is satisfied with the training, and overall passenger satisfaction with staff customer service reached 83.4% in 2011, an increase of 4.8 points since 2009. SL9 will roll-out our new customer care program from late 2012.

The "Meet the Managers" program

A common site across many Transdev networks worldwide, SL9 decided to ensure a “Meet the Managers” proximity and understanding of customer issues through “Meet the Managers” sessions every two months.

Senior staff and gather first hand feedback and suggestions. Passenger satisfaction has reached 91% on average for the past seven sessions.


Success of Transdev's exclusive customer service programs

For the citizen’s of Seoul, our relentless commitment to reach new frontiers in terms of customer service and care, our rigorous methodologies, clear priorities, targeted performance and results shared transparently are improving their quality of life and mobility experience.

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