Ricardo Gouveia in Portugal: public transit is a means of decarbonization and mobility in cities

Ricardo Gouveia

As an Operational Planning Technician at Aveirobus in Portugal, Ricardo Gouveia is committed in his daily actions to improved mobility for the people in Aveiro. We recently sat down with Ricardo to ask him to tell us more about his job with Transdev in Aveiro.

For how long have you been working at Transdev?

On August 1 this year it was 4 years since I joined the Group.

What is your job with Transdev?

I work as an Operational Planning Technician at Aveirobus in Aveiro he second most populous city in the Centro Region of Portugal. My priority is to ensure that the urban transportation network of Aveiro flows in the best possible way by managing the needs of all operational teams, overseeing the fleet, managing timetables and other aspects that make up transit network named Aveirobus.

Can you tell us about your journey in the company?

I joined the company in 2018 as an Operational Planning Technician with the ambition of contributing to a better and more accessible public transit, based on continuous improvement. Prior to that that, I worked as geographer at Rede de Cidades e Vilas de Excelência (Network of Cities and Villages of Excellence); from 2016 to 2017, at MPT-Mobilidade e Planeamento do Território (MPT-Mobility and Territorial Planning) and before that at Círculo Redondo, Consultoria e Gestão (Round Circle, Consulting and Management).

How does your job make sense in relations to our Group’s purpose?

I am a person who clearly believes in all forms of collective mobility that can replace the dominance of private cars. Since I believe in public transportation as a means of decarbonization and better mobility in cities, then I act accordingly and contribute daily to the mission of the Transdev Group of “empowering freedom to move every day thanks to safe, reliable and innovate solutions that serve the common good”.

What are you most proud of in your career?

Leaving the office every day with the notion that I was honest, that I gave my all for the project and that I treated everyone in my team the same way I would want to be treated.

Did you have any role models?

With all the people I deal with on a daily basis this area, I always try to absorb something that allows me to grow. So, in once sense they all contribute to my growth and development, just like a role model would.

Your advice for a future employee?

My advice would be for them to believe in public transportation as a paradigm for a more sustainable world. A career in this industry is so rewarding; not only do you contribute to a better world, but you have an impact on people’s lives here and now. This notion of serving the common good is something that really speaks to me, and if you share this with me, I can guarantee that you will love working for Transdev.

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