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Integrated Mobility

In the course of a lifetime, an average European will spend two years stuck in traffic. In 2009, an American citizen lost 34 hours crawling through congestion – more than two-and-a-half times the amount of lost time in 1982. The consequent detrimental effect on our quality of life and our planet is amplified by two major trends: ongoing urbanization and a worldwide increase in the number of trips made and distances traveled. Policymakers are faced with the three-way dilemma of creating inclusive and equitable access to mobility, preserving quality of life and finding solutions compatible with constrained financial resources.

As the trusted partner for local authorities, our objective is to offer innovative, reliable mobility solutions, combining operational performance excellence with a sense of public interest. Solutions that contribute to quality of life and the harmonious development of regions, customized to respond to specific local conditions. Solutions that meet the needs of all and provide the high quality of service expected by travelers. Solutions for public transportation that ensure mobility for people -- today and tomorrow. Attuned to the individual expectations of customers and passengers and the changing needs of communities, Transdev teams engage with our local partners on a daily basis. Our international profile and the diversity of our professions enable us to conceive the most innovative responses to keep our passengers connected when they’re on the move, with simple and seamless mobility. Designing the solutions that we deliver to each traveler we serve is our inspiration. Mobility inspired by you.

Jean-Marc Janaillac Chief, Executive Officer, Transdev

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