COVID-19 crisis: Transdev partners with Baltimore MTA to get essential hospital employees to work


As part of its continuing efforts to support the communities it serves, Transdev North America has partnered with its client, Baltimore MTA (Maryland Transportation Association), to help essential Greater Baltimore Medical Center (GBMC) employees get to work.

Based on the unique circumstances that exist with the transportation contracts in Baltimore, Transdev’s partnership with Baltimore MTA also includes a cooperative agreement with all three supporting contactors – Transdev, along with First Transit and MV. Each contractor is providing essential support based on the service they provide for Baltimore MTA.

Transdev identified specific locations in the Baltimore area, certain schools, churches and government buildings, that would act like pseudo “park ‘n rides” for shuttle pick-ups. Transdev is transporting local, essential hospital workers from these designated pickup locations to the Greater Baltimore Medical Center.

Working together with not only our client, but with our competitors, is a true example of cooperation and partnership in action in support of a common goal. We are currently operating 15 shuttles, which start as early as 4:30 a.m. and run until 8:30 p.m. Monday through Friday, to provide transportation to GBMC’s essential hospital employees. Also, an additional 18 shuttle routes have been added over the weekend based on Baltimore MTA’s request. Our frontline heroes are directly helping the hospital’s frontline heroes get to work to do their essential functions. Together, we continue to bring value and support to our communities in need during these challenging times.

Arlette Whitley, Transdev General Manager for Baltimore MTA

As a direct result of the unfortunate reduction in public transportation services, we were quickly reminded that essential employees in the healthcare industry extended far beyond doctors and nurses. The loss of regular transit services affected all employees of the hospital, including the cafeteria workers, imaging techs, administrative staff, janitorial support, pharmacy workers and housekeeping employees – all of who keep the hospital running efficiently every day. These employees needed our help and we were glad to provide them with a solution and support.

Donald Scruggs, Chief of Mobility Field Operations, Baltimore MTA.

During this unprecedented time, we remains aware of the need for life sustaining services beyond public transportation in the communities that it serves and continues to look for opportunities to provide assistance. We share and we act for the collective, to contribute to society and create opportunities and progress. We care for people and for the environment, to achieve safe
and sustainable mobility.

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