COVID-19 crisis: Transdev’s Golden Touch Partners with Northwell Hospital and USNS Comfort to help New York City in need


Transdev’s B2B Golden Touch Transportation has been quick to adapt its business to address the needs of the New York City community trying to navigate this coronavirus crisis.

Golden Touch normally transports airline crews to and from the airports in greater New York City, and operates a variety of airport shuttles for employees and passengers of more than 60 airlines. During the COVID-19 pandemic, they are adapting and are now transporting healthcare workers and hospital employees, to help the New York City community.

In fact, in some cases, Golden Touch Transportation has combined its services to help multiple clients at once to support the community.

Our team is now partnering with Northwell Hospital Health System to transport groups of relief, medical professional volunteers, who are coming into New York City to lend to a hand. Most recently, Golden Touch Transportation coordinated with Delta airlines to ensure a team of nurses from Salt Lake City were transported safely from the airport to their hotel and from there to the hospitals in need within the Northwell Hospital Health System. They had provided similar services to this prestigious hospital system during Hurricane Sandy in 2012.

Golden Touch Transportation also is pleased to be working with the New York City of Emergency Management and the staff of the USNS COMFORT to provide safe and reliable transportation services to all military medical staff – to and from their hotel, ship and airport, as needed.

Congratulations to the team for its flexibility and agility to adapt to an ever-changing environment and support its clients and a community in need during this difficult time.

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