COVID-19 crisis: Positive partnership enabling normal buss services in Stockholm


Due to the coronavirus crisis, sick leave in certain traffic areas such as Märsta, Sigtuna, Vallentuna and Upplands Väsby in Sweden is at a higher level than usual. The National Public Health Authority is clear that everyone who has symptoms even if it is a « common » cold should stay at home. At the same time, our assignment from the local transit authority in Stockholm is to run according to normal timetable.

With fewer employees in place, we have now taken the help of charter drivers from our subsidiary Merresor as well as drivers from our former subsidiary Airport Coaches. 55 bus drivers have or are in the process of being trained quickly and will be able to support traffic in the area.

The training was divided into two different occasions. The first 40 bus drivers went through the training last week and have started driving in the area on Tuesday. An additional 15 bus drivers are being trained at the time of writing and will be able to start driving in the area as of Monday.

It feels fantastic to see that colleagues in Transdev and within the industry work together to ensure that those who need can travel. I would like to extend a big thank you to all the bus drivers from Merresor and Airport Coaches who help us during these difficult times and to my employees who make sure our new drivers get help and feel welcome.


Niclas Flodin, Business Manager for Stockholm North, Transdev Sweden

The training lasts two days. Participants will learn about the lines and the area they will drive. They also learn about Transdev and all systems onboard the buses. Given that all participants are already riding a bus for a long time, they do not have to go through all the traffic rules again, which is why the training will be shorter.

It is an extremely tough situation that we are in, especially in order traffic. My hope is so clear that we will be able to return to a normal situation in the not too distant future. The initiative we run with Stockholm North is a really nice example of how the industry is gathering power and contributing to creating benefits in the midst of the crisis. I am very proud of all my employees who set up and help colleagues in Märsta.

Jörgen Karlsson, Business Area Director / CEO Merresor

The initiative seems to be appreciated by the bus drivers. Driver Naim Mostafi usually works for the Airport Coaches, now he has undergone a quick training at Transdev and now runs scheduled services.

We are pleased to be able to contribute to Transdev's important mission to maintain high quality public transportation. Our strength is our fantastic driver and together with everyone's dedication and constructive spirit we have managed to achieve this collaboration in a very short time. For us it is great to come here, it is good for both companies and especially because we get to work instead of sitting at home. I really would have been free today, but I wanted to come in and work instead. We have to stand up for each other.

Zakaria Abna-Aissa, Business Manager at Airport Coaches

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