Bus rapid transit

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Buses shift up a gear

Inspired by North and South American bus rapid transit (BRT) operated on highway dedicated lanes, the high quality bus service concept (BHNS in French) is both innovative and efficient. It combines the benefits of flexible bus solutions together with the on time performances of rail systems. This new approach boosts to better meet environmental and economic challenges related to mobility. Throughout Europe, the high quality, rapid transit concept was first applied to light rail before being extended to bus and trolley services. Then only, was the BRT concept adopted as a core transit solution to be entirely integrated into a transportation system. It allows optimized use of infrastructures, improved comfort and commercial speed and the development of added services for customer benefits.

Drawing from our long experience as a multimodal operator, we look forward to assisting you with the construction and optimization of your mobility systems and services. Our ambition is to develop with you, in a genuine spirit of partnership, customized, safe, effective and responsible transit solutions that are adapted to your needs and constraints and closely in tune with customer expectations. The mobility of the future will be personalized, autonomous, connected and electric. This is our firm belief. Innovation is at the heart of our approach, in order to constantly improve the performance of public transportation services and make the promise of “new mobilities” a reality, for everyone. As well as uncompromising safety, which is our credo, our overriding concern is the satisfaction of our customers and the quality of their experience. Every team member in the group engages on a daily basis to meet these challenges and implement solutions both for today and for the future.

Thierry Mallet, Chief Executive Officer

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