Barcelona’s light rail operation celebrates its 18-year anniversary

Tramway TRAM Barcelone de nuit

On Sunday April 3rd 2022, Transdev’s light rail operation in Barcelona, TRAM, celebrated 18 years since the first route of the tram as we know it today. To celebrate it, TRAM is launching the campaign “We’re turning 18. Many happy TRAMS!” and is giving away a variety of cultural experiences.

After more than three decades without this means of transportation, the tram came back to Barcelona on 3 April 2004. Eighteen years and 400,000,000 journeys later, this past Sunday, April 3, 2022 TRAM commemorated that first journey on the Trambaix network.

To celebrate its coming of age, TRAM is launching a digital campaign on the corporate social media with the slogan “We’re turning 18. Many happy TRAMS!” The campaign will last throughout the entire month of April and is divided into two parts. The first is five funny audiovisual capsules in which the tram features in a series of situations that adolescents experience when they are taking that vital step towards adulthood.

Secondly, there will be five drawings among TRAM followers to give away a variety of cultural gifts. All the drawings are related to culture and range from tickets to the city’s most important music festivals to books, circus and musical theatre. From 3 April to 3 May, anyone who follows the rules outlined on the social media may participate.

For more information, please visit the TRAM website by clicking here.

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