Alaeddine Bilal Yahia in Rouen saves the life of a young woman


Employed in the Rouen public transit network operated by Transdev as an Onboard Service Agent, Alaeddine Bilal Yahia saved the life of an 18-year-old young woman who became ill onboard a bus.

When Alaeddine boarded the transit bus with his colleague in on August 5, 2021, the 29-year-old Rouen native had no idea what was in store for him. At the next stop, an 18-year-old woman comes running so as not to miss one of the last buses. She is accompanied by her mother and her three younger brothers.

“It often happens at the end of the shift. But after two or three stops, we hear her mother screaming,” says Allaeddine who was hired about five months ago to work in the public transit network of the Rouen (TCAR) as an Onboard Service Agent. “As we walk towards her, we realize that her daughter is a victim of discomfort. The bus is full. His colleague is responsible for calling for help while warning the driver who calmly evacuated the passengers.”

“I laid her down in the recovery position, but her breathing started to slow down. Then she stopped. The situation was tense.” Alaeddine kept his cool and tries to apply what he learned during his recent first aid training. “When she had no more pulse. I didn’t hesitate and started giving her heart massage as best I could,  » says Allaeddine.

At the young woman’s side, the mother of the woman was in tears. « It was horrible. I was like: If she dies, what am I going to tell her mother?” contemplates Allaeddine Fortunately, the young woman’s heart starts again after a few tens of seconds. Arriving on the spot a few minutes later, the firefighters confirm to him that Allaeddine had saved her life and avoided serious consequences.

Hospitalized, the young woman has since been out of danger. As for the Allaeddine, in addition to a thank-you letter from his managers, he has received dozens of congratulatory messages. “It makes me happy, that’s for sure. But it was a team effort. On an avoided the worst. It is essential, » he says with a shy smile.

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