Diversity allows us to think differently. Our ambition is to advance gender equity at all levels within Transdev. 


Thierry Mallet, Président-Directeur général du Groupe Transdev

20 000
in the Group
Top Executive
Diversity, equity and inclusion

Caroline Gonin, Group Chief Human Resources & CSR Officer

Caroline Gonin presents the Group’s vision of diversity, equity and inclusion.


Transdev women embody Our Purpose all over the world.
Today, they share their vision through a series of postcards. 

Transdev #embraceequity around the world

Women History Month

The united States: Women’s History Month

In March (designated Women’s History Month since 1987), and all year long, Transdev North America celebrates the women who empower freedom to move every day thanks to safe, reliable and innovative solutions. This year, the theme is “Celebrating Women Who Tell Our Stories”.


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France: “Qu’est-ce qui se tram !?” 

Transdev Saint Etienne and the STAS network dedicate an episode of the “Qu’est-ce qui se tram!?” webserie on the subject of the feminization of the transportation jobs and driving professions at STAS.


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Carte postale Pays-Bas

The Netherlands: postcards

Transdev Netherlands sends a postcard to all women working in the company.

Carte postale Pays-Bas verso

Czech Republic: posters

In Czech Republic, women #embraceequity !

Melissa Field Australasia Australie Nouvelle Zélande

Australasia: interviews

Inspiring women are interviewed, and asked advice about their journey within the Group.


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Australasia: video

Transdev NSW Buses mark the day by bringing generations of women together to talk about accomplishments and aspirations in this inspiring video.

Marion, collaboratrice Transdev Hauts de France

France: portraits

Transdev Hauts de France employees highlighted on the local LinkedIn page.

The United States: interviews

Interviews of some of the fantastic women at Transdev in the U.S. to hear what International Women’s Day means to them.

Germany: interviews

On the website you will find stories of strong women at Transdev in Germany.


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