Veolia Transdev tests innovative remote diagnostics maintenance system


As part of the European Bus System of the Future (EBSF), Veolia Transdev and several partners are testing a new system for optimizing maintenance methods and costs, compatible with EBSF’s standard architecture.

The innovative system collects maintenance data from the vehicle dashboard and other sensitive components such as the battery, doors and brakes, all of which are equipped with sensors. The data is transmitted in real time to the maintenance center, via an on-board “black box”.

Through its permanent connection with the vehicle, the service center can anticipate impending failures, take action to repair the problem and optimize fleet preventive maintenance. Remote diagnostics reduces the response time by network maintenance teams, reducing disruption to transport service.
The remote diagnostic system is compatible with all types of service operations and vehicles.

The Veolia Transdev operated network in the Paris region was chosen to test the new system. Six months after its inception, the network reports very encouraging results in optimizing bus maintenance:

  • A 24% reduction in breakdowns as a result of interventions on impending failures identified by the system;
  • Optimization of 30% of daily preventive maintenance actions;
  • 53% of maintenance operations are performed faster and are better prepared.

Return on investment of system costs is estimated at one year.

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