Transdev Portugal inaugurates an innovative system for preventing driver fatigue and drowsiness

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The system, called Round Trip Without Sleep, was developed by the Portuguese company Optimizer in partnership with the Polytechnic Institute of Cávado and Ave.

Alerting the driver before the first signs

On 4 December, drivers in the Aveirobus network, operated by Transdev Portugal, inaugurated an innovative system for preventing road accidents. The system can detect early signs of fatigue and drowsiness and alerts drivers of the need to stop and take a rest.

For the first time in the world, a technological solution capable of early identification of fatigue and drowsiness—five to ten minutes before the driver experiences physiological manifestations of the symptoms—will be implemented in the transport sector: an extremely important advance for road safety.
Jorge Machado, safety director at Transdev Portugal. A

A connected bracelet for drivers

Based on use of the bracelet, which continually measures and monitors driver body temperature, heart rate, and skin moisture content in real time, the Round Trip Without Sleep system identifies changes in normal vital signs and issues a warning.

The system is distinguished by its ability to alert drivers before they even exhibit any symptoms. By making the bracelet vibrate and sending an alert signal to a mobile device, the system warns of an imminent state of insufficient wakefulness.

With this system, Transdev Portugal intends to reduce accidents and improve its record road safety record.

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