Transdev’s autonomous vehicles in Linköping, Sweden, makes their 1,000th trip.


Linköping’s first two self-driving minibuses have now driven their thousandth trip. Since its inauguration on March 10th, 2020 at the University Campus, the self-driving minibuses have thus driven a total of 2,000 km, which corresponds to the entire distance between Linköping, Sweden and Venice, Italy. And this is just the beginning!

« Ride the future » is a research project carried out in collaboration between Akademiska Hus Linköping, the City of Linköping, Linköping University, RISE Research Institutes of Sweden. The purpose is to find out how Linköping Science Park, Transdev Sverige AB, the Swedish National Road and Transport Research Institute, and Östgötatrafiken Transit Authority’s self-driving minibuses can facilitate the travel of more people and increase the competitiveness of public transportation against the privately owned cars.

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