Smartnovel: the Veolia Transdev reading offer for passengers


Transforming the journey to a cultural escape through an offer of free stories for tablets or smartphones.

Proposed by VTNI, a Veolia Transdev transportation network, and the Eure , a french regional council for regular intercity lines.

Stories to be the bus.

The new, completely free application for passengers, is aimed at improving the image of public transport and making the most of travel time.

The principle is to offer passengers free short stories that can be read on their phones or tablets.

To take advantage of the offer, travelers with internet-enabled mobile phones simply capture the code on posters displayed on Eure regional bus lines.

The application can be downloaded instantly and the traveler need only choose the story into which to plunge for their journey.

A wide choice is offered, from the great classics to novels for young people as well as the first chapters of new releases.

Increasing demand from networks

In 2012, nearly 20 Veolia Transdev networks in France have already successfully tested this innovative tool.

Building on this success, the operation will be launched this week on the urban network of Saint-Lô. In addition, more than 20 French networks, urban and inter-city, have expressed interest in this development, following the proposal’s launch in mid-2012.

Today, digitized books allow easy access to reading through the smartphone, owned by 40% of the French (TNS Sofres 2009 survey).

The application can be enriched with local cultural information selected by the network to enhance its visibility and credibility linked with its region.

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