New transit services by Transdev shorten distances in Estarreja in Portugal


The Estarrejabus transit network (Transportes Urbanos de Estarreja) operated by Transdev was launched on February 1, 2022 providing the municipality built along the banks of the Antuã River, near the Ria de Aveiro with an important mobility solution. Estarreja is an important chemical industry center in northern Portugal and is part of the Aveiro District.

Estarrejabus transit network consists of seven lines – one for each workday, an urban circulator that operates during every workday and on Saturdays, and a circulator for the local industrial park, with the objective of transporting people to their place of employment.

The transit network also provides a transportation on-demand solution (TOD) for inhabitants of some of the less populated locations around Estarreja to travel on weekdays. The TOD service is key to shorten distances for the inhabitants of the municipality and to enable all of them to live productive and fulfilling lives.

The design of this network is the result a high degree of collaboration with the PTA, in the sense that it was designed according to the real mobility needs of the population of Estarreja. This service is an asset for the people of Estarreja and aims to provide a better quality of life for the citizens.

José Portelada, Operations Director of Transdev Portugal

To promote the new transit services, Transdev and the Estarreja Municipality offered all trips completely free of charge for the first two weeks of operation. The gesture was greatly appreciated by the inhabitants of Estarreja and set a positive tone for the future of the transit network.

Estarrejabus is the embodiment of Transdev’s purpose “We empower freedom to move every day thanks to safe, reliable and innovative solutions that serve the common good.”

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