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Transdev is once again the Lead Partner of La CoMotion, the Expo and Festival that will be held in Los Angeles Arts District, from November 15 to 17.  This year’s edition will welcome two of our speakers. Come visit us at Dome 2 / Booth 14 !

LA CoMotion, The Global Laboratory of Future Mobility

Every year, in November, LA CoMotion brings together the leaders, the ideas and the technologies powering the New Mobility revolution that is about to transform every city in the world. The event, both a festival and a thought-leadership conference, consists of three days of demos, test drives, exhibitions, and inspirational talks. It will give everyone a glimpse of the future of mobility.

LA CoMotion will host thousands of participants, including mayors, transportation ministers, public transport operators, start-ups and thought leaders from around the world to shape tomorrow’s mobility.
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Transdev seeks to co-invent and co-build the mobility of tomorrow with all the actors of the urban ecosystem: communities, citizens, passengers, industrialists and start-ups. That's why our team is excited to be once again a major partner of LA CoMotion.

Thierry Mallet, Chairman and CEO of Transdev

LA CoMotion Leadership Conference

During the first two days of the event, LA CoMotion will hold a Leadership Conference with lively discussions, expert meetings, press conferences and private receptions. The event will bring together key players of the new mobility revolution, global leaders and pioneers, across various disciplines and industries.

Transdev will have two speakers on the main stage:

  • Yann Leriche, CEO of Transdev North America and Head of the B2C business line and autonomous transportation systems, will participate at the discussion “Providing the Service of Seamless Mobility” (Thursday November 15, 5:30 – 6:15pm)

  • Dick Alexander, Executive vice president of development & innovation of Transdev North America, will be one of speakers at the “Blueprints of the MultiModal City” debate (Friday November 16, 3 – 4pm).

Listen Yann Leriche’s Podcast about shared autonomous future >

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The Leadership Conference will focus in particular on the following themes:
  • inclusive transportation,
  • shared transportation and MaaS,
  • autonomous future,
  • electrification,
  • personal mobility & street space,
  • cities 3.0, etc.

The stake is to emerge with new policy and innovation mandates for a more connected, innovative and sustainable urban future.

Los Angeles is making bold and historic investments in transportation infrastructure that will transform how people connect with the people and places they love... We welcome the energy and innovative ideas that LA CoMotion will bring to our city and region.

Eric Garcetti, Mayor of Los Angeles

LA CoMotion Mobility Festival

On Saturday November 17, The Mobility Festival of LA CoMotion will be opened to the general public; a full day of innovation exhibitions, workshops, walking and biking tours, test tracks, cutting edge mobility demonstrations and more will be accessible in a real street setting.

The immersive event will allow everyone to watch and experience the most exciting new mobility technologies, participate in the discussions shaping public transit and contribute to building a healthier, sustainable, equitable and more connected LA.

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of cutting-edge mobility technologies

Transdev started to the "Cities on the Move" initiative in 2015, which has now become LA CoMotion, an international event about the future of mobility. Since then, NewCities and Transdev have been collaborating on the subject of the future of transport and urban mobility. Transdev is a NewCities Global Strategic Member.

Listen Thierry Mallet's Podcast >

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