The Mistral network in Toulon is experimenting with bus stop requests via smartphone


Transdev subsidiary, RMTT, in charge of operating the Mistral network in Toulon in the south of France is launching an experiment carried out jointly with the French company Welwot.

Starting this past July, a new dematerialization project was tested jointly by the RMTT and the Transdev France Innovation Department called « ON my SMARTPHONE, I ask for MY STOP ». The solution enables customers of the Mistral network to request a stop directly from their smartphone.

This is not a new application but an internal WIFI – named « Stop Requested » – active only on board the bus. The customer can request their bus stop directly on this WIFI page, no need to press the button on the bus.

How it works?

Customers can choose:

  • Their next stop on their smartphone just before deboarding by clicking on « Request a stop ».
  • Their planned stop on the route from a stop list offered. The requested stop is triggered as soon as the bus arrives nearby.

The customer is then warned by an SMS, one stop before their stop enabling the customer to anticipate their deboarding.

Tests will be carried out on 20 vehicles from route 3 of the Mistral network. This route, which is very busy during the summer period, will make it possible to test the service with regular customers as well as with tourists.

The objective of the experimentation is to measure whether the use of this service can provide better customer comfort for a more accessible and relaxing trip. The solution will also provide customers access to a range of services such access to practical information relating to the bus route or provide feedback one their onboard experience.

The project will be presented at the next Rencontres Nationales du Transport Public (the French Public Transit Conference), which will take place in Toulouse from September 28 to 30, 2021.

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