Information notice – How we process Contact Forms

The processing of your contact form request requires us to collect and use certain data about you.


Who is responsible for this data collection?

The Direction of Communications for Transdev, which is based at 3 allée de Grenelle – CS 92442 Issy-les-Moulineaux


What data is collected?
Civility, first and last names, email address, telephone number, city and country of residence, and possibly postal address, company name and job title.


Who uses this data and for what purpose?
The Transdev Communication Direction and their collaborators at the digital communications agency Small is bigger are the only individuals who have access to the information collected on Contact Forms. In order to provide you the most accurate response, your data may be transferred to another department within Transdev: the press relations department for questions related to the press, the human resource department for employment applications, the commercial department for quotation requests. Your personal data is not ever transferred outside of Transdev.


Do we have the legal right to use this data?
Because this data is essential for our being about to respond to your request, the legal basis for collecting and processing this data is your agreement to these terms.


Where is your data stored and for how long?
Your personal information is stored within the European Union for one month before it is deleted. We are committed to providing the appropriate measures necessary to protect your data both here at Transdev and with our partner Small is bigger.


What are your rights?
You may access your personal data and request that they be deleted. You also have the right to suppress the use of your personal data, as well as modify it, or limit its use.

To do so, or for any question you might have about the use of your personal data, you may contact our DPO by email, Or by sending a letter to: Délégué à la Protection des Données Transdev, 3 allées de Grenelle – CS 20098 – 92442 Issy-les-Moulineaux. Please join a copy of your ID with your request.
If, after having contacted us, you believe that your rights under the provisions of the Data Protection Act have been infringed or that this arrangement does not comply to the provisions of the Data Protection Act, you may address a complaint to the CNIL.