Transdev’s logo embodies solidarity during the COVID-19 crisis


Efforts worldwide to stop the spread of the coronavirus have practically emptied public transit of passengers, the stadiums of spectators, the streets of inhabitants and changed our daily lives. But we are still here, standing together amid adversity.

During this difficult time for everyone, we think of all our employees, drivers, maintenance workers but also all the professionals, more or less visible, who continue to provide our transportation services for all our passengers – and especially for the healthcare staff – so that life goes on, taking care to implement and apply social distancing measures and barriers. Today, more than ever, we want to say to them: we are thinking of you who continue to ensure daily journeys for millions of passengers around the world.

The well-known Transdev logo has been revisited – during this crisis period – to reflect the Group’s new WHY, with the common good at the center of its concerns. The « star man » symbol thus takes distance and integrates the support dimension which symbolizes solidarity and Transdev’s commitment to take care of everyone, by incorporating the catchphrase « Take care ».

The numerous local initiatives are the demonstration that we are all mobilized and that we show our solidarity, among ourselves, with you, for our passengers, for our customers…

Some examples of local initiatives include:

  • in Le Havre (France), where our transportation on-demand service is now dedicated to the transport of healthcare staff,
  • in Rouen (France), where we have adapted the timetables of our urban routes serving health care institutions, to meet the needs of healthcare personnel,
  • in Malmö, Sweden where our long-distance rail operation Snälltaget donated over 500 meals to the City Mission for the needy
  • in Hong Kong, where our tramway operation has distributed over 1000 bottles of hand sanitizer to employees and passengers, and donated the same amount of bottles to the Hong Kong Red Cross for the homeless and needy families
  • in Blazefield (UK), where our buses broadcast “thank you” messages to the drivers,
  • in Yolo and Fulton counties (USA) where our teams distribute hot meals to fragile, isolated or confined people,

These are all initiatives that are heartwarming!

All around the world our teams are taking many necessary steps to mitigate the impact of this crisis on our operations and in the communities we serve. It is indeed in these difficult times that our profession becomes essential to ensure reliable daily mobility, while taking care of each other for the common good. It is together that we will overcome this unprecedented period!

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