Transdev in Dublin welcomed students from St. Vincent’s Education Centre

Children with disabilities, from St. Vincent educational center visiting Transdev in Dublin

Last month, Transdev’s light rail operation in Dublin, LUAS, welcomed a group of students, from the local St. Vincent’s Developmental Education Centre, an educational center for children with disabilities. The school strives to provide a quality education in a happy, safe learning environment so that all students will reach their full potential.

Together with their teachers, caretakers and LUAS team members, the students were welcomed to an excursion on to a private LUAS light rail vehicle that brought them to the Dublin city center for lunch and back.  The activity was an example of the school’s aim to aspire towards the optimum development of all students, to their whole education, which will enable them to live as independent, and fulfilling a life as possible.

The students really enjoyed the journey on the tram. It’s the whole experience of boarding the tram and going somewhere that gives them a lot of joy. The movement of the tram and the big windows gives them a lot of sensory feedback – it’s like a rollercoaster ride. It’s the second last day of school, so a day trip like this is a nice way to finish their school year. It’s also a nice trip for the caretakers and teachers who do fantastic work in the school.

Adriaan Pretorius, Depot Manager at Transdev Dublin Light Rail, whose son Ben is a student at St. Vincent’s

The Transdev Dublin Light Rail team was very happy and proud to welcome the students of the Developmental Education Centre and they look forward to seeing them again soon.

St. Vincent’s Developmental Centre support families with children with complex healthcare conditions and severe disabilities. They provide support and facilities that allow the children to learn and develop through sensory play, music, physiotherapy, and interaction with other children.

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