Transdev featured employee stories on German Diversity Day


Transdev in Germany again took part in the nationwide Diversity Day held on May 18. This year, Transdev Germany used the hashtag #WirSindTransdev (#WeAreTransdev) to present employees who represent the great diversity of the company.

For the fifth time, Transdev was involved in the German Diversity Day. Together with many other German companies, Transdev is committed to equal opportunities, cohesion and tolerance in working life. The day of action was launched by the Charter of Diversity Association, which has been committed to anchoring diversity management in the German economy since 2010.

In order to show the diversity and diversity within the company, employees from different company areas and with the most varied of careers, motivations and activities are presented in a separate area of ​​the Transdev Germany’s homepage. The link now contains more than ten different employee stories. With these, the Transdev Germany would like to show that values ​​such as diversity, tolerance and diversity not only contribute to the success of the company but are indispensable.

Whether train driver Andreas’ story about his professional move to become a train driver later in life, the French colleague Laetitia talking about her work in the Safety Department as part of an exchange program or Tuba talking about her experiences during her training – their stories are representative of the great diversity among the Employees of Transdev in Germany. Every day, more than 7,400 employees ensure that the wheels of Germany’s second largest mobility company are rolling and that passengers get to their destination safely and reliably every day, even during the COVID-19 pandemic.

I am proud to say that the challenges of the corona pandemic have proven that our 7,400 employees, regardless of their age, origin and gender, can master difficult situations together. Their diversity and our common values ​​such as tolerance, respect, solidarity and appreciation create the basis for the company’s success. We are only Transdev together.

Dr. Tobias Heinemann, Spokesperson for the management of Transdev in Germany

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