Transdev in Dublin launches anti-racism campaign


Transdev’s light rail operation in Dublin, the Luas launches annual multi-operator anti-racism campaign in partnership with Transport for Ireland, the Immigrant Council of Ireland (ICI) and Dublin City Council called ‘United Against Racism’ on the Luas and other public transportation operators across Ireland. The campaign features a simple but important message: Everyone is welcome on public transportation!

Public transportation is for all and this campaign reminds everyone who uses it of the importance of standing united against racism to ensure people can travel without fear of harassment or abuse, regardless of their background, culture, or beliefs.

The annual campaign, now in its 8th year, is a reminder of the importance of challenging racism when we witness it and standing with victims to show racist abuse will not be tolerated.

Luas serves the people of Dublin – it’s for everyone. Luas staff have worked throughout the COVID-19 pandemic to keep Dublin moving; they should not be subjected to racist abuse. Anyone working in transport or who uses it to go about their day deserves to be treated with respect. We stand with our colleagues and customers, who reflect the growing diversity in Dublin, and we recognize that we all must stand together to ensure everyone is treated with the respect we all deserve. We are proud to support TFI and ICI’s annual ‘United Against Racism’ campaign – racism has no place on public transportation.

David Horgan, HR Director Transdev Ireland & UK

The campaign is running across local public transportation operators’ social media accounts, with TFI and ICI partnering with ‘Humans of Dublin’ to create a series of spotlights focusing on highlighting people from diverse backgrounds who actively work to promote inclusivity in Ireland.

As conversations surrounding racism have been brought to the fore around the world, this ‘United Against Racism’ campaign serves as an important reminder that there is no room for racism on public transportation or in wider society.

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