Transdev pursues its commitment in favor of the 50+ age bracket in the workplace


Transdev has been committed for years to diversity and equity in recruitment and in all aspects of company life, whatever the profile of its employees. it is reiterating this commitment by signing the 50+ Charter, an initiative of Club Landoy and Groupe L'Oréal, and supported by France Travail and the French Ministry of Labor.

Around 100 companies have signed this charter, which consists of 10 commitments and was launched in 2022, committing to pool their best practices and create positive synergies in favor of the employment of 50+ year olds. 

The charter signature is part of a global dynamic at Transdev, which recruits, trains and supports a large number of employees aged over 50, representing 49% of the entire Group at the end of 2023. We offer jobs that can be adapted to any age and any stage of life, anywhere in the world. The driver's job, for example, is very popular, with its different types of contracts (fixed-term, permanent, seasonal) and adaptable working hours (full or part time). Naturally, it's also popular as a good second-career job, as it's strongly focused on human relations and has a strong social value, with a short training course. In fact, 50+ profiles are highly attractive: out of around 29,400 recruits in 2023, 6,100 were aged over 55.  

The 10 commitments of the Charter for the Employment of Over-50s

Download the 10 commitments

At Transdev we aim to create a work culture where individual differences are understood, anticipated, valued and fully exploited. As part of this, we integrate people undergoing retraining, whom we are committed to supporting throughout their careers. With a presence in every region and offering jobs that cannot be relocated, Transdev offers real opportunities for people who are sometimes far from employment. We're proud of this wealth of profiles, and we want to go even further. That's why we're signing the 50+ Charter.

Caroline Gonin, Group Human Resources and CSR Director

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