Transdev Barcelona : installs hearing loops for hearing impaired customers

Tramway in Barcelona

TRAM, Transdev’s light rail opeation in Barcelona, has installed portable audio induction loops for hearing impaired customers in the Trambaix and Trambesò  Customer Service offices, and at 13 more stops on the Trambaix light rail network.

Hearing loops eliminate background noise for persons using hearing aids or implants, turning the audio signal into a magnetic field that is received by devices with a telecoil worn by hearing impaired customers, which turns the magnetic field back into sound inside the wearer’s ear, getting rid of reverberations and ambient noise.

With this latest push to install the system, the two TRAM customer service points and nearly all the stops on the Trambaix network (22 out of the 27 stops on lines T1, T2 and T3) now have this technology for universal accessibility: Francesc Macià, L’Illa, Numància, Maria Cristina, Pius XII, Palau Reial, Zona Universitària, Avinguda de Xile, Ernest Lluch, Can Rigal, Ca n’Oliveres, Can Clota, Pont d’Esplugues, La Sardana, Montesa, El Pedró, Ignasi Iglesias, Cornellà Centre, Les Aigües, Bon Viatge, Hospital Sant Joan Despí|TV3 and Sant Feliu|Consell Comarcal.

Magnetic loops are scheduled to be rolled out to all the TRAM stops in 2021 and 2022, covering both the Trambaix and Trambesòs networks, with funding from the Metropolitan Transport Authority (ATM).

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