Transdev Australasia and Souths Cares partners for the common good of the community

Sydney local youth with yellow safety jackets in front of a bus

Transdev Australasia has joined forces with Souths Cares in a two-year partnership to benefit southern and western Sydney communities and support the training, employment and wellbeing of local youth and First Nations peoples.

The major partnership with Souths Cares, the South Sydney Rabbitohs’ independent charity, supports communities through capacity-building programs across health, employment, and education to make a positive impact.

The partnership includes championing community events and programs such as an Education and Wellbeing Expo held last week and Souths Cares’ upcoming end-of-year NAIDOC celebration.

Participants in Souths Cares’ programs will also be able to interact with Transdev in making important decisions about further education or employment opportunities whilst at school, as well as taking part in Transdev and Souths Cares events.

Everyone at Souths Cares was thrilled about this partnership. We know it’ll make a difference to the lives of many participants in our existing and future programs.

We teamed up with Transdev because of their commitment to the community, not only locally but right across the country. They’ve shown they’re genuine in providing opportunities and experiences for our program participants.

Transdev was front and center at our Education and Wellbeing Expo and will help put smiles on people’s faces throughout the Christmas period at our Souths Cares NAIDOC end-of-year celebrations. We’re all very excited to work with the team at Transdev over the next two years with a view to extending the partnership for years to come, providing positive outcomes for our community.

Alisha Parker-Elrez, Souths Cares CEO

Transdev was proud to partner in a holistic capacity building partnership. This is about cultural respect, deepening relationships and supporting self-determination of First Nations Australian youth and their families.

We move people every day on public transport right across Sydney and we also want to be a positive influence in those local communities that we serve. This is a practical and meaningful step towards advancing reconciliation, whilst promoting sustainable employment opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people across our businesses.

This partnership will help support that journey on many fronts through mentoring, training and rewarding career pathways through our Transdev and Transdev John Holland depots and other on-site visits, talks and events.

Transdev Australasia values people from diverse backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives to boost creativity and enable better decision making, which is why this partnership would be a success.

Our overriding goal is do social and economic good in the communities in which we work, serve and learn. It’s why we’re dedicated to progressing our commitments under our Reconciliation Action Plan as well as advancing our diversity, equity and inclusion aspirations.

We’re thrilled and honored to partner with South Cares to co-create and deliver a range of programs and activities to increase heath, training and career prospects of many First Peoples of Australia.

Luke Agati, Transdev Australasia Chief Executive

Transdev Austrasia operates public transportation across Sydney, including the iconic Sydney Harbor ferries, Sydney trams and buses across eastern Sydney (via Transdev John Holland) and in greater western Sydney.

More about Souths Cares

Souths Cares was established in 2006 as an independent, public benevolent institution. The Souths Cares charity has been built upon the South Sydney Rabbitohs’ long and proud history of supporting the community, in particular Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander people. Its charter is to support disadvantaged and marginalized youth and their families through the delivery of capacity building programs addressing education, training, health, and employment needs.

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