Governance and management methods

Transdev is a "société anonyme" (limited company) with a Board of Directors, owned by Caisse des Dépôts and Veolia Environnement. Through its business activities, Transdev is closely involved in its regions and maintains long-lasting relations with its customers, who include regional authorities.

The Board of Directors

The Board of Directors supervises and guides the group Transdev’s strategy, authorizes its strategic decisions, and ensures they are correctly implemented. The Chairman of the Board is Thierry Mallet, CEO of Transdev Group. The Board bases its decisions on the advice of specialised committees, such as Strategy Committee, Appointments and Remunerations Committee, and Audit Committee.

The Board of Directors is made up of eleven members, seven of whom represent the CDC, with a further tow representing Veolia Environnement, as well as one independent member, and a Director representing the employees:

  • Anne-Marie Couderc (independent)
  • Thierry Mallet (CDC and Transdev Group CEO)
  • Franck Silvent (CDC)
  • Françoise Tauzinat (permanent representative of CDC (Director))
  • Delphine Pons (CDC)
  • Virginie Fernandes (CDC)
  • Waël Rizk (CDC)
  • Pierre Aubouin (CDC)
  • Antoine Frérot (Veolia Environnement)
  • Philippe Capron (Veolia Environnement)
  • Jean-Michel Fenaut (representing the employees)

The secretary of the Board is the General Secretary, Antoine Colas

The Executive Committee

The Executive Committee defines the strategies proposed to the Board of Directors, and oversees Transdev’s business activities. 

It is responsible for defining its industrial vision, strategy, values, management culture, and priority targets.

The Executive Committee is made up of directors of support functions (General Secretary, Finance, Performance) plus the directors of the four main regions in which the Group operates: France, North America, Asia Pacific Southern Europe, and Northern Europe and the Netherlands.

Thierry Mallet

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Antoine Colas

General Secretary

Marcos Garcia

Group Financial Director

Christian Schreyer

Group Chief Strategy and Performance Officer, 
Chairman of Transdev Germany

Clément de Villepin

Group Human Resources Director

Laurence Broseta

CEO International*

Richard Dujardin

CEO France

Yann Leriche

CEO Transdev North America and Head of the B2C Business Line and Autonomous Transportation Systems

Bart Schmeink

Chief Executive Officer of Netherlands, United Kingdom, and Ireland

*Asia, Pacific, Latin America, MENA, South and North Europe