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Eliasson Susanne

Susanne Eliasson

Co-founder & Architect GRAU (Good reasons to afford urbanism)
Susanne Eliasson is a French-Swedish architect. Alongside Anthony Jammes, she is co-founder and Partner of GRAU, an award-winning urban planning and architecture firm which received the Palmarès des Jeunes Urbanistes in 2016. Since 2021, she has served as Consulting Architect for the city of Bordeaux.

Through numerous urban renewal projects, strategic studies on densification and master plans for new neighborhoods and housing projects, Susanne has developed expertise in housing issues. At her firm, she conducts research on what she calls the "Garden Metropolis", i.e. residential urbanization that emerged during the 20th century as a direct extension of major urban centers. In 2017, she published an urban planning book titled "Apprendre de Caudéran" (Learning from Caudéran).

In 2022, the arc-en-rêve centre dedicated an exhibit to her firm's work titled "Métropole Jardin - Garden Metropolis".Susanne Eliasson and Anthony Jammes are the first residents of the Villa Albertine in Chicago, conducting a research project on Chicago's urban grid.In 2022, they won the tender to redevelop the area around Notre-Dame de Paris in France.
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