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Karaki Samah

Samah Karaki

Founder and director of the Social Brain Institute
Samah Karaki is a French-Lebanese neuroscientist, writer and mental health expert.

She is the founder and director of the Social Brain Institute, a non-profit organization that uses the cognitive and social sciences to design strategies aimed at enhancing learning tools, organizational culture, and social and environmental justice.

She is the author of “Le travail en équipe” (2021) and "Le talent est une fiction" (2023).

Samah holds a PhD. in Neuroscience and two Master’s Degrees in Cognitive Neurobiology and Ecology.

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How can we spur and incentivize the shift from private cars to public transportation?

Given the limits of our decision-making and attentional resources, we should first and foremost address the structural issues that hinder change, instead of putting the onus on individuals.


First, individuals must be given the means to change their habits. When it comes to mobility, real and meaningful investment in public transportation infrastructure is the first prerequisite for change. Change requires an increase in accessible and reliable public transportation services, especially for people living in residential or isolated areas, where the use of private cars is deemed necessary.


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