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Masse Madeleine

Madeleine Masse

Founder & President of Atelier Soil
After 8 years as the director of AREP's urban planning division, Madeleine Masse founded a design and territorial strategy agency in July 2022, committed to ecological and inclusive planning of the spaces that surround us.

Mobility spaces are at the heart of the agency's projects. Specialized in the flows that shape public spaces, Atelier SOIL assists project owners in anchoring their projects in the territorial and urban context.
Based on sensitive and scientific analyses and cartography, Atelier SOIL engages in the development of vibrant and resilient public spaces through tactical and lasting designs capable of accommodating future changes.

Through this approach, Madeleine Masse seeks to consolidate not just a method, but a way of thinking about projects, a mode of reflection, to create and design the most inclusive and soothing developments that allow for a perfect appropriation of urban spaces and a positive activation of places.

Drawing on 15 years of urban project experience, she now aims to lay the foundations for committed and alternative urban planning, which advocates for a new perspective on land and advocates for a process of regenerating territories.

Through the missions entrusted to her, she contributes to bringing together all types of stakeholders around the project and ensures that promising concepts emerge for practical application on the ground.

Because every square meter counts in the ecological transition.
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