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Walker Jim

Jim Walker

Founder Walk21 Foundation
Jim Walker founded Walk21 in the year 2000 and has, for more than 20 years, championed a global network to grow sufficient evidence, knowledge and tools so that people can walk in safe, attractive and accessible environments wherever they live. His advice has helped 13 of the top 20 places to be independently accredited as the most liveable places in the world. However, his focus is increasingly on supporting women, children, the elderly, people with disabilities and those with low incomes - especially in low and middle income countries - so that their essential mobility is made visible and given priority.

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Is walking the primary form of urban mobility?

Tomorrow’s urban mobility will be much like todays in that walking will continue to be an essential part of trips.


Within cities, most citizens walk at some point during the day, whether that’s to access key services or connect to their closest public transport stop. Approximately 80% of today’s trips can be made using a combination of walking, cycling and public transit options and in many cities that is already the reality or their ambition. In Hong Kong, for example, 90% of trips are made on foot or by public transport.


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