Transdev’s ferry company Styrsöbolaget in Sweden celebrates 100 years and changes logo

Styrsöbolaget swedish ferry company logo

Transdev’s ferry company Styrsöbolaget in Sweden is celebrating 100 years as a ferry this year. The anniversary itself was celebrated this past Sunday, and the company’s new logo will also be used on a regular basis, as the anniversary logo will be phased out at the end of the year.

Styrsöbolaget’s new logo has a more modern look that protects our heritage while at the same time linking to our owner Transdev. We are now looking forward to starting the journey towards the next 100 years in the Gothenburg archipelago.

Bertil Pevantus, CEO of Styrsöbolaget

Styrsöbolaget was from its inception in 1922 a passenger and freight shipping company in the southern Gothenburg archipelago, but as early as the mid-1950s the company also became involved in various river traffic assignments. From the start, the service was run entirely commercially without any public subsidies.

Vesta boat in Sweden

From the mid-1960s, the service was radically improved with the addition of new boats, which brought more passengers and contributed to the southern archipelago becoming a more vibrant archipelago all year round. When Styrsö municipality was incorporated into the City of Gothenburg in 1974, the tramway tariff was introduced in passenger transportation and thus became subsidized.

The lower tariff made the archipelago accessible to more people and the opportunity to live and work there has almost doubled the population. This development would not have been possible without Styrsöbolaget;

Gunnar Söderberg, author of the anniversary book « Styrsöbolaget – centuries of archipelago and river transportation »


The book describes the development of archipelago transportation over a long period of time and what it has meant for the development of society in this part of the Gothenburg archipelago.

Today, the regional transit authority Västtrafik has taken over the main responsibility for passenger transportation, which is contracted out to Styrsöbolaget. In 2004, Styrsöbolaget was bought by Veolia Transport, which since 2015 has been called Transdev Sverige AB.

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