Transdev in Vichy partner with L’Oréal Vichy and the Mobility Challenge


On September 21, the Auvergne Rhône Alpes Region organized the Regional Mobility Challenge for the eleventh consecutive year.

This Challenge responds to the current challenges of mobility, but also of health and the environment, by taking into account the priority issue of daily commuting.

Transdev Vichy joined in this event by presenting L’Oréal Vichy employees (550 employees) with alternatives to promote public transportation and more economical and cleaner solutions for getting around.

In the presence of Frédéric Aguilera, Mayor of Vichy, President of Vichy Communauté and Vice-President in charge of Transportation for the AURA Region, Jean-Marc Germanangue, Vice-President in charge of transportation in Vichy Community, Jean-Yves Larraufie, General Manager of L’Oréal Vichy and David Edmont, Director of Transdev Vichy, had the pleasure to formalize this day, which focused on sustainable development, renewable energies and soft mobility.

All the participants traveled by hydrogen bicycles, from the Village Vélo (managed by Transdev Vichy) to the site of the L’Oréal Vichy company.

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