Transdev in Sweden turns 80 years old


Transdev Sweden has an 80-year history that is based back to the start of the bus company “Linjebuss” in December 1940. With courage and innovation, we have been involved in building modern public transportation in Sweden. During the anniversary year, selected parts from our exciting history in Sweden will be communicated. December 6, the day our story began, gets a little extra attention.

We have lived in an ever-changing world. There have been ups and downs since “Linjebuss”, which forms the basis of our business, started in 1940. We have found solutions to challenges and adapted as new travel needs have arisen. Our history is closely linked to the societal changes that have taken place over the years and shows the importance of public transportation in modern times. There is a lot to be proud of and learn from our history.

With our 80 years behind us, we can feel proud that over the years we been innovative and tried different ways to create an attractive travel experience. Our company is currently being tested hard by the COVID-19 pandemic and it makes me extra proud to see how all employees do a fantastic job and enable people to travel with us every day. Based on the history of our company and public transportation, we want to convey positive energy during tough times. Based on our history, we build a strong sense of belonging, pride and look to the future with confidence.

Anna Höjer, CEO of Transdev Sweden

The work of collecting facts and images from Transdev’s 80-year history in Sweden has been going on for over a year and has been headed by the Marketing and Communications Department at Transdev Sweden’s head office in Stockholm. Most of the material has been produced internally, based on facts and images obtained from the Center for Business History. The communication material consists of an anniversary brochure, three podcasts, a video, employee stories, fun fact quiz and other items that highlights our heritage to this day.

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