Transdev supports the cultural life of Barcelona for the fifth year in a row

People from Transdev Barcelone and Museums partners

Transdev’s light rail operation in Barcelona, TRAM, has renewed its partnership agreement with the MACBA, MNAC, Museu Picasso de Barcelona, CCCB, Fundació Joan Miró and Fundació Antoni Tàpies for the fifth consecutive year to help publicize exhibitions at these museums and cultural centers.

The agreement establishes the collaboration between TRAM and the 6 museums that make up the ArticketBCN group to facilitate the dissemination of the exhibitions planned and to promote awareness of the cultural exhibitions on offer at the city’s museums. TRAM is committed to encouraging attendance at the museums with raffles and ticket packs and season tickets promotions throughout 2022 and 2023, via its corporate channels.

As a result, TRAM customers will get double exposure to Barcelona cultural events: through the TRAM social media and signs throughout the light rail system from each of the museums.

About ArticketBCN

ArticketBCN is a pass that gives visitors direct access to 6 museums in Barcelona over a 12-month period. This pass includes the CCCB, Fundació Antoni Tàpies, Fundació Miró, MACBA, MNAC and Museu Picasso. This art passport takes you on a journey through the art on offer at the city’s main art museums with a 45% discount on the price of general admission, with an enriched itinerary that includes information on routes and interesting facts about the city.

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