Transdev STRAV network support the Association Visière Solidaire in its fight against COVID-19


Transdev is helping to finance « Visière Solidaire », an association specializing in the manufacture of protective visors to combat COVID-19.

During the COVID-19 crisis, many individuals got mobilized to provide the best possible assistance to healthcare personnel and all those working at the forefront in the fight against the pandemic.

Among them, Anthony Seddiki founded « Visière Solidaire », an association specializing in the manufacturing and distribution of protective visors for frontline workers. The association relies on the production of its members, volunteers using their own 3D printers. But with the growing demand due to the shortage, the association wanted to increase its production by creating a collaborative farm of networked printer batteries. It was at this point that Transdev, through one of its networks in the Ile de France region (STRAV), came to their aid. Transdev IDF financed the equipping of the first « farm » of its kind with machines, which enabled the association to industrialize its production.

Supporting Visière Solidaire was an obvious choice, as Transdev’s values and those of Visière Solidaire are the same: passion for individual investment and commitment to public services.

Arnaud Tisseau, Managing Director of Transdev STRAV

Thanks to this partnership with Transdev, the association has produced and distributed almost 1 million visors, including 90,000 in the Ile de France region, making Visière Solidaire one of the three world producers of visors in small order.

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