Transdev Netherlands receives certificate for Corporate Social Responsibility


Our subsidiary in the Netherlands, Connexxion has reached the first step on the Performance Ladder for Social Enterprise, also known as PSO certification, provided by TNO (the Dutch Organization for Applied Scientific Research; an independent research organization). Transdev attaches great importance to providing employment for people who are distanced from the labor market. With the PSO certification, our colleagues at Connexxion show that we do this in a good way.

Inclusive employer

The PSO certificate shows that more people with a vulnerable labor market position can work in a sustainable and good quality manner. Connexxion has developed various Social Return on Investment (SROI) initiatives within Taxi and Public Transportation. Diversity and inclusion are an important focus for our corporate strategy.

We want to be an attractive employer and strive for more diversity in our workforce. That is why we offer opportunities to employees who are lagging behind in the labor market. The job itself is diverse as it is not only about driving passengers from point A to point B, but also requires customer service and care. We are convinced that social entrepreneurship is a catalyst to offer sustainable work to vulnerable groups. It also gives an impulse to the organization to work with suppliers with social responsibility certification.

Marlene Van Winden, Chief Human Resources Officer of Transdev Nederland


A good example are our CleanTeams at both Hermes and Connexxion. For years, our vehicles have been cleaned by enthusiastic employees with a developmental disability who carry out this work under supervision and with great pleasure and pride.

BRENG Refugee Program

A group of Syrian refugees was trained at BRENG’s colleagues in Arnhem. When they started the training, none of the drivers had any experience with driving a bus and the language was not yet fully mastered either. Nevertheless, the men threw themselves into the training with enthusiasm and conviction, with visible results. They now work as bus drivers in and around Arnhem.

With the certificate we show that we live up to our initiatives. In this way, our efforts become visible to the « outside world »; to potential new colleagues, our passengers, suppliers and clients.

Fully-fledged Taxi Jobs

Within our Taxi business unit, we assist job seekers who have been out of work for a long time or who have never had a job. We give them the opportunity to gain work rhythm and work experience in an appropriate way and to follow a professional training. In this way the candidates get the chance to obtain their professional Taxi-driver competence and to actually start working as a driver.

Transdev will continue with initiatives to give people from the vulnerable labor market position the opportunity to come and work with us. And who knows, the growth in social entrepreneurship may lead to the next step of the PSO certification. We will continue to think creatively in order to deploy initiatives and fulfil our social responsibility. Quite a challenge, especially in this special time for public transportation.

Marlene Van Winden, Chief Human Resources Officer of Transdev Nederland

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