Transdev France Rail Direction France meets NordWestBahn’s operational teams

La Direction Ferroviaire France rencontre les équipes opérationnelles de la NordWestBahn

An enriching sharing of experience between the two TRANSDEV entities on the challenges of opening up rail transport to competition.

In November, a delegation from Transdev’s Direction Ferroviaire France met with NordWestBahn’s operational and tendering teams in Bremen.

The purpose of the meeting, initiated by the French teams, was to exchange views on Transdev’s strategy on the German and French markets, and to benefit from the technical feedback of the German teams on topics such as HR policy, passenger information strategy, ticketing management, and the organization of rolling stock operation and maintenance.

It was also an opportunity to establish a link between the German and French operating teams, to facilitate exchanges and create greater synergy, particularly in the pre-operating phase of newly won contracts.

The visit also included an immersive customer experience using the network operated by Transdev in Bremen.

The delegation also visited the EVB company in Bremervörde, which is running the world’s first hydrogen-powered trains. These were enriching exchanges with a view to forthcoming discussions with certain French AOMs with a keen interest in this new technology, and in line with the Transdev Group’s determination to be a major, innovative player in the decarbonization of transport.

All this feedback will help strengthen Transdev’s French rail offerings by demonstrating our ability to seek out the best solutions for improving the quality of regional rail services in France.

Transdev’s 20 years’ experience of opening up to competition in Germany is an invaluable foundation for our credibility and positioning in the French market.

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