Transdev in Barcelona provides 100 transit passes to newly arrived Afghan refugees


Transdev’s light rail operation in Barcelona, TRAM, has donated 100 free T-casual passes to the Afghan refugees who have arrived in Barcelona and are being assisted by the Bayt al-Thaqafa Foundation.

With these integrated passes, Tram wants to guarantee the mobility of the refugees in Catalonia while fostering their autonomy and helping them get around the city to arrange their stay.

These tickets, which are equivalent to the old T-10, are valid for travelling with the different interurban buses, underground and buses operated by TMB, FGC, Rodalies Renfe and TRAM the light rail network.

The Bayt al-Thaqafa Foundation is in charge of coordinating their delivery and assisting the individuals, who have to leave their home country with hardly any resources.

About the Bayt al-Thaqafa Foundation :

Since 1974, the Bayt al-Thaqafa Foundation, whose board includes the Hospitaller Order of St. John of God, has been welcoming migrants to help them become full citizens, without giving up their identity, by fostering exchange and dialogue among cultures. It provides them with everything they need to cover their basic housing, food and hygiene needs.

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