TRAM Barcelona : sponsors football teams to encourage healthy lifestyles


Our subsidiary TRAM has signed a three-season sponsorship agreement with Unión Deportiva San Pancracio de Sant Joan Despí and renewed its collaboration with Associació Kali Zor, which runs the Sant Roc and La Mina football schools, for another year, in order to combat social exclusion through sport, encourage healthy lifestyles and promote access to schooling.

Now all the teams at Unión Deportiva San Pancracio de Sant Joan Despí will wear the TRAM logo on their shirts as the main sponsor. This football club in the Baix Llobregat area has been encouraging physical activity at all ages for 50 years, as well as bringing society together through this activity open to any neighbors interested.

TRAM is joining the club as another element in the town that integrates, promotes and brings people together.

TRAM has also renewed its collaboration with Associació Kali Zor for the eighth consecutive year. This association works to promote childhood integration and fight stereotypes regarding the gypsy community and manages the Sant Roc and La Mina football schools.

At the two schools in these neighborhoods, which are in the Trambesòs network area, participation in training sessions and competitions is tied to school attendance and results. This way, the sports organizations foster access to education for the 2 most vulnerable young people and motivate and guide them towards success at school.

All the teams associated with this project will also wear a shirt with the TRAM logo as the main sponsor.

Associació Kali Zor is an association historically recognized in both Sant Roc and La Mina as an instrument for mediation among the various communities that co-exist there and a benchmark in the fight for gender equality, with mixed and female teams at the football schools.

Ensuring access to culture, education, healthy lifestyles and social integration have been some of the goals TRAM Corporate Social Responsibility has focused on since it was created. The company collaborates with over 30 organizations each year to help improve society in several arenas.

More information on TRAM partnerships is available in the CSR section of the company website:

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