TRAM in Barcelona launch project to care for homeless people’s pets


Transdev’s light rail operation in Barcelona, TRAM, has signed an agreement with Altarriba Foundation to partially fund its “Sense Sostre” (homeless) project that covers the basic and health needs of pets living on the streets of Barcelona with people who are homeless.

TRAM’s financial contribution will help ensure these pets can be identified, vaccinated, treated for parasites, neutered and given the healthcare they need for a symbolic cost or for free, as the people in charge of these animals are themselves in a vulnerable situation and there is no other organization that covers these basic needs.

Altarriba Foundation has developed the first charity veterinary center for the pets of people living in vulnerable situations and currently has two professional veterinary centers where these animals can be treated. The foundation also manages an animal shelter where they can be housed temporarily if necessary or that can start processing a permanent adoption if their owner dies.

It is important to remember that winter is the worst time of year for the homeless, as they are exposed to cold temperatures and shelters where they could spend the night don’t allow pets, which Altarriba Foundation has also been working to change for years. This means many homeless people prefer to sleep on the street, despite all the health and safety consequences. This is one of the situations in which the foundation can help.

Volunteers also offer workshops and events at civic centers and on the street to raise awareness of basic pet care and their services.

TRAM will disseminate this project through all its digital channels to reach potential volunteers and partners for Altarriba Foundation and to make people more aware of the difficulties facing the homeless in caring for their only companions: homeless pets.

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