TRAM in Barcelona donates money to at-risk groups during COVID-19 pandemic


Transdev’s light rail operation in Barcelona (TRAM) has donated €52,000 to organizations working with groups most at-risk in the situation caused by the coronavirus pandemic and the disease it causes, COVID-19: the homeless, the elderly, people at risk of exclusion and migrants.

Arrels Foundation
TRAM is working with the Arrels Foundation to provide two healthy, warm meals a day for up to 200 homeless people or people living in shelters for approximately two weeks.

This project aims to prevent the spread of the disease in these groups of people during the state of emergency by preventing crowds in dining spaces and safeguarding their wellbeing.

Since 1987, the Arrels Foundation has joined over 14,700 homeless people on their way to independence, offering guidance and useful services such as housing, food, and social and medical care.

Red Cross
TRAM has also contributed to the Pla Creu Roja Respon (Red Cross Responds Plan) for the coronavirus emergency to purchase food and hygiene packs valued at €34 for roughly 600 elderly people.

This way, the Red Cross will be able to monitor and ensure these at-risk individuals, who live alone or don’t have a care network, stay home. The packs are designed to cover the recipient’s food needs for up to one month.

The International Movement of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies is the world’s largest humanitarian network to which are linked more than 120 million people in 186 countries. Neutral and impartial, the Movement provides protection and assistance to people affected by natural disasters and armed conflicts and collaborates with governments, donors and other organizations to assist vulnerable groups around the world.

Obra Social Sant Joan de Déu
TRAM is working with Fundació Bayt Al-Thaqafa, associated with Obra Social Sant Joan de Déu, which welcomes immigrants and helps them become fully fledged citizens, without sacrificing their own identity, fostering exchanges and dialogue among different cultures.

Migrants are one of the groups most affected by the lockdown and suspension of non-essential labor activities, as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. This collaboration aims to cover part of the basic food, hygiene and housing needs for people getting help through the Foundation.

IReS Foundation
Finally, TRAM is collaborating with the IReS Foundation Casal en família (Family camp) program to help this organization in its efforts to care for 27 families at risk of social exclusion who are taking part in this project. Casal en família provides spaces and tools for the families and more than 60 children and young people taking part to work on socio-affective and learning skills and to monitor and alleviate the hurdles they come up against due to family, work, financial and other circumstances.

The IReS Foundation is a non-profit organization committed to at-risk families that provides guidance and care on social, psychological and educational matters in order to prevent social exclusion.

All of these donations are an extension of TRAM’s responsibilities motivated by the current healthcare situation and state of emergency, and arise from the Tramvia Metropolità Corporate Social Responsibility plan, which aims to improve local and global society through institutional relations and collaborations in areas like ethics, social services, the environment and technology.

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