Thirteen children gained an insight into the world of work at the NordWestBahn

Young girl pretending to drive a train

The future starts now: 13 young people gained an insight look into the world of work at the NordWestBahn (NWB) during the Future Day at the Regio S Bahn Bremen/Lower Saxony on April 27th, 2023.

The participants were given the chance to immerse themselves in the exciting working world of the railroad and were thus able to learn about the different and varied job profiles in the company. For example, the participants aged 10 to 13, got an insight into the organization and planning of rail connections.

During the train ride to the workshop in Bremerhaven, the students got a vivid impression of the work of the train drivers and customer service staff. But they didn’t just watch, they took the microphone themselves and spoke a part of the train announcement one after the other.

One thing became particularly clear during the Future Day: railwaymen only work as a team, so that the trains can run safely and on time. 

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