Surprise sketches on board buses in the Île-de-France region


Comedians were on board the bus lines operated by Transdev Île-de-France to remind people of the right behaviors to adopt.

From March 11 to 29, 2024, Transdev Île-de-France organized the visit of theater troupes to perform surprise skits for passenger customers on several bus lines we operate on behalf of Île-de-France Mobilités, and to remind them of the good safety and civility behaviors to adopt on board buses.

Well-being on board our buses is essential. Transdev Île-de-France has therefore chosen to use a humorous, fun and innovative means of communication to reach a wide audience and create a bond with its passengers. Cléone Formation’s comedians performed two hours of skits on a number of themes to raise customer awareness of good safety and civility behavior on board, both between passengers and between passengers and drivers:

  • Don’t park in front of the doors to avoid obstructing the boarding process
  • Don’t talk to the driver between stops, to keep him or her focused on driving.
  • Stand at the helm and hold on to personal belongings for everyone’s safety
  • Demonstrate good citizenship by helping other passengers to board.


This operation has been deployed on major lines in the 12 territories of Marne-la-Vallée (line 42), Meaux et Ourcq (line A), Brie et 2 Morin (lines A and B), Grand Melun (line 3602), Sénart (line 31) and STBC (line 1) in Seine-et-Marne; Grand Versailles (line 6202) in Yvelines; Cœur d’Essonne (line DM5) in Essonne; Terres d’Envol (lines 15 and T’bus 2) and TRA (line 604) in Seine-Saint-Denis; Marne et Seine (line 8) in Val de Marne and Vallée de Montmorency (line 1514) in Val d’Oise.

Attentive passenger customers appreciated these interventions, as Lola and Vincent explained to us at Ermont-Eaubonne station.

We can see that there are more and more acts of incivility and violence, so I hope they will identify with the actors and realize that it's not right.

Vincent, passenger

I think it's really important to know how to live together in a transport system, because it's for everyone.

Lola, passenger

The operation was also very well received by drivers, who were keen to see that multiple actions are being implemented in the field to reduce incivilities.

These sketches complement the “Attentions réciproques” communication campaign launched at the beginning of March on board vehicles and on the X (Ex-Twitter) accounts of these same territories.

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