Seoul Line 9 newly launched 2018 SNS Ambassador Program

Christophe Beuillé, SL9 CEO, with university students appointed as Metro9 SNS Ambassadors on July 20, 2018

SNS Ambassador Appointment Ceremony was held on July 20, 2018. Seoul Line 9 is the first railway company to be certified ISO 45001 in Korea.

Kick-off of SL9's Social networking services ambassador program

One of the Marketing & Communications strategies of Seoul Line 9 is to utilize social networking services (SNS). To intensify the company's SNS Marketing and PR activities, SL9 newly launched SNS ambassador program and had a kick-off meeting on July 20, 2018.

The introduction of SNS Ambassador Program will be part of a wider scope of 'step' initiatives aimed at achieving the following objectives : 

  • Improve the quality of SNS contents in SL9
  • Develop various ways of customer engagement
  • Diversify customer communication channels

SL9 Operation Summary June 2018


Striving for service excellence is a core part of our philosophy and is centered on our strong belief in treating our customers in a fair and balanced manner. Thus we have always endeavored to make safe operation central to the way we conduct our business and the services we provide.

Marianne Hyekyung RYU, Team Leader / Marketing & Communications

Seoul Line 9 is certified as ISO 45001 for the first time in Korea

SL9 acquired the ISO 45001 certification, the international standard for safety and health management systems, as the first operator in railway industry in Korea, and also successfully transitioned to renew the certification of both ISO 9001 quality management system and ISO 14001 environmental management system at the same time.

ISO 45001 is the occupational health and safety management system newly established by the
International Organization for Standardization (ISO) in March 2018 under the agreement of the International Labor Organization (ILO). It requires the role of chief executive officer in safety and health, willingness and responsibility, and activation of safety culture to ensure the safety and health of our workplaces.

Seoul Line 9 has promoted certification conversion at the same time as establishing ISO 45001. Through the manual and system reorganization, various examination and review process, SL9 obtained the integrated certification from Korea Productivity Center (KPC).

In addition, the company unified the structural systems that differed by ISO 9001 and 14001 standards.
SL9 built a system based on risk and situation analysis throughout the management and conducted integrated certification to create continuous performance and improvement based on our leadership.

The company sets the safety of customers and employees as top priority, by adopting more advanced andinternationally standardized management system actively and swiftly and adapts it to domestic situation.

SL9 promises to do its best to provide safe and comfortable journey to customers by strengthening employees’ safety consciousness and enhancing safety culture and creating pleasant work environment.

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