Safety Day in Le Havre

Transdev au lycée professionnel Lavoisier au Havre

Transdev teams raise young people's awareness of the risks in and around transport, at the Lycée Professionnel Lavoisier in Le Havre.

On April 12, the Transdev Le Havre network took part in a safety day at the Lycée Professionnel Lavoisier in Le Havre. During the day, 600 young people from the high school took part in the activities on offer.

The aim was to bring young people closer to public services, make them aware of the risks of accidents on and around transport, and encourage them to adopt good behavior.

Several stands were set up:

  • By the national police force, with Raid Aventure, dog squad and biker workshops.
  • By the municipal police with a 2-wheel simulator.
  • By the fire department, with vehicle extrication.
  • By the AFT with a truck driving simulator and VR helmet.
  • By MATMUT with an LV driving simulator, and new means of transport (scooters, bicycles, etc.).
  • By DDTM: impact test, VR helmet, reactiometer, alcohol suitcase
  • TRANSDEV LE HAVRE: explanation of blind spots, with role-playing in the driver’s seat. Showing of a video on bus and streetcar accidents and good passenger behavior.
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