S-Bahn Hanover: Well equipped for emergencies

S-Bahn Hanover

On June 29, 2023, rescue forces and the Hanover S-Bahn carried out an emergency exercise on a company site in the north of Hanover.

In addition to emergency teams from the fire department, the federal police, DB Netz , the S-Bahn emergency service, volunteer members of the Johanniter Unfallhilfe and members of the psychosocial emergency care (PSNV) also took part. The scenario of the exercise included a burning hall, a railcar of the S Bahn as well as injured and traumatized persons.
Searching, rescuing and recovering the persons as well as extinguishing the fire are tasks of
the fire department. The emergency services of the Johanniter then took over the first aid and
transport preparation. The PSNV was then responsible for the psychosocial support of those affected.
All participants praised the overall good and efficient cooperation of the various teams during the
two hour exercise. One firefighter said with satisfaction, “We haven’t had such a large,
comprehensive rail exercise in recent years!“ The colleagues of S Bahn Hannover were also able to
benefit from this exercise, identify gaps and use this to improve emergency processes. The colleagues
are also working on implementing appropriate exercises as part of staff training so that they can
always react quickly and correctly.

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